Kansas Courts News Release

December 9, 2020


District and municipal judges—


The Office of Judicial Administration has posted links on the judicial branch intranet education and training page and the Kansas Municipal Courts portal that lead to national organizations that provide training for judges, including these:


National Judicial College

National Center for State Courts

American Bar Association


Among the online training offered is the Ability to Pay Hearings: A Primer for Judicial Officers CourtClass tutorial from the National Center for State Courts, which I recommend for all judges who do bond hearings. The Ability to Pay Hearings: A Primer for Judicial Officers handout has useful information as well.

In addition to great training, these organizations offer other resources beneficial to judges. The National Center for State Courts publishes the Judicial Conduct Reporter, a quarterly newsletter, which I personally find useful.  


You can subscribe to a number of digital newsletters on a variety of topics on the NCSC Newsletters page.

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