Kansas Courts News Release

June 2, 2020

Chief Justice Marla Luckert

Judges and judicial branch employees—

Today, I proudly presented the 2020 Annual Report on the State of the Judiciary to Governor Laura Kelly and the Kansas Legislature on the state of the judiciary during fiscal and calendar years 2019.

The report reflects on more "normal" times and highlights some of your outstanding efforts to provide fair, equal, and efficient justice to Kansans. You too have reason to be proud. You—and all of us, collectively—worked hard to serve our state as we processed and resolved about 400,000 cases during fiscal year 2019. 

Some of the report's highlights include the first phase of the centralized case management system rollout. I called out the pioneers—the wonderful employees and judges in the 8th and 21st judicial districts—who led the way and helped clear the brush so the rest of us would have an easier journey.

I also discussed the various committees and boards that help us improve the judicial system and the many innovations that occurred under the leadership of Chief Justice Lawton Nuss. Each of you played a role in the successes mentioned in the report. Thank you, on behalf of all Kansans. 

I also discussed what we lack: market pay and adequate resources. I let them know that bringing the salaries of judges and Kansas judicial branch employees to market rate will remain one of the Kansas Supreme Court's top priorities. 

The normal times of 2019 seem far removed. But, as I told the Governor and the Legislature, we embrace forward movement and adaptation and remain committed to providing Kansans with safe access to their courts. These new challenges do nothing to dim what we have otherwise accomplished. But they add a special shine to your remarkable work as you help build a stronger and more resilient Kansas judicial system. 

State of Kansas
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Kansas Judicial Center
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